PUBG is not a very welcoming place for new players. The majority of the current PUBG players are veterans in the game, and this makes the new players undergo quite a hassle. Just a few lucky ones – on rare occasions – can taste that juicy chicken dinner, while the remaining majority is just another meal for PUBG pros.

The developers of the game noticed this trend continue to crop up more and more often and decided to take action. With Update 7.2 PUBG’s PC servers are getting bots which are designed to help newcomers to hone their skills in order to start picking on PUBG’s veterans.

The news was announced via official patch notes over at PUBG’s website:

“As happens with many games, we’ve seen the general skill level of our players grow significantly over the last 3 years. While PUBG veterans continue to hone their skills and improve, we’re seeing more often than many newer players are being eliminated early with no kills – and oftentimes with no damage dealt. You’ve been telling us for a while that the widening skill gap is creating a more and more challenging environment for some of our players and we’re now ready to talk about our plan to help this.

Bots will only appear in normal games and are designed to appear less as your skill increases, but we’re also aware of their current state and are looking at your feedback. We’ll be adjusting the balance, intelligence, and functionality of bots as time goes on.”

We don’t know if it’s a good decision, but it’s definitely the one that should make new players feel better taking their first steps. At least in theory. However, looking form an outsider perspective it seems like PUBG lacks new players and wants to populate games with AI opponents in order to seem more popular than it really is… The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Update 7.2 adds a bunch of other cool stuff to the game including Ranked Mode. If you wish to learn more, be sure to check out the announcement video below.