Last year, PUBG Mobile players got an exciting game feature that allowed players to band together and form player clans. Now, it seems like this feature is making its way to PC and consoles as well. A well-known PUBG data miner called PlayerIGN shared a tweet that apparently shows evidence of this new system being tested internally by PUBG Corp.

According to the leak, it will cost 5000 Battle Point in order to form a clan. If the information provided is to be trusted, in addition to the usual rankings for players with no clans, players will also be able to form groups of up to 20 people and climb the ranks in the separate leaderboards.

If you always wanted to form your own PUBG team, you should know a couple of details about the new feature. First, the title of your clan must be between 2 to 15 characters long. You’ll also need to provide a short 2-4 characters tag, 30 character slogan, and a presentation.

While you should take all of this with a grain of salt, since the news is not official yet, we really hope this leak is true. With the new PUBG ranked season just around the corner, clans might help the community come together and form new friendships and rivalries.

In case you were wondering why this awesome PUBG Mobile feature wasn’t added to the game earlier, we’d like to remind you that just recently PUBG introduced cross-play functionality between console players. The developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds might want to wait until crossplay is fully implemented. Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that there’s still nothing about crossplay between consoles and PC.

Anyway, let’s just hope this leak is not a fake. We’d really love to form our own Eneba PUBG clan in the near future.