One week has passed since the release of a new Pokémon Sword and Shield game. Early numbers show that a lot of people boarded the hype train. In a single week, the game has sold more than 6 million units globally and became the fastest-selling game on Nintendo Switch console… Ever.

According to the news, 6 million copies were accounted for by adding up both physical and digital release copies, but that doesn’t take away the magnitude of the achievement. Mind you, just recently we’ve written about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becoming the best selling fighting game in history which previously also held the title of the fastest-selling game on Nintendo’s console with 5 million units shipped in its first week. So, we can safely assume that Pokémon Sword and Shield might be well on its way to being one of the best selling Nintendo Switch games ever. Well, at least the early signs are there.

However, It’s worth mentioning that while Pokémon Sword and Shield is the biggest hit on Nintendo Switch, it still lags behind another Pokémon game. Pokémon Sun and Moon which was released back in 2016 exclusively on Nintendo 3DS console and accumulated well over 7 million units sold in its first week.

The early success of Pokémon Sword and Shield perfectly captures how much love there is for this franchise across the globe. Early reviews of the game stated that the game still lacks a lot of things including some Pokémon from previous generations. Despite all these shortcomings, Pokémon Sword and Shield already made their mark in Nintendo’s history with an even more impressive milestone in its sights.