Well, that escalated quickly… Just 4 months ago, in September, Daybreak Game Company finally released PlanetSide Arena game which had a rocky start. The game was delayed a couple of times and even upon its release was plagued by a lot of problems. Now, the developers announced that the game will be closing down its servers next month, on January 10th.

PalentSide Arena is a multiplayer spinoff game based on the popular PlanetSide franchise. It was a grander vision of PlanetSide promising 250 vs. 250 multiplayer battles in space, however, to have these grand battles, you actually need a lot of players and after its launch, PlanetSide Arena didn’t have those. According to SteamSpy, for the past couple of days, the game can barely get 10-20 players online let alone 500 in a single match. So, the developer’s decision to shut down the game shouldn’t be surprising.

If you’re among people who purchased the game, don’t worry. Daybreak Game Company will be refunding your purchase after January 10th. The statement from the developers reads:

“We are actively working with Steam to ensure that all players who made purchases during Early Access will automatically receive a full refund to their Steam Wallet after servers shut down in January.”

However, the statement also had a sentence that might please fans of the game who are still wondering about the future of the franchise. Andy Sites, the executive producer of PlanetSide Franchise said that the company is still deeply committed to this franchise and will look forward to continuing this journey. Who knows, maybe we’ll get another – more humble – game in the future. PlanetSide 3, anyone?