Obsidian’s experimental survival game Grounded doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We already wrote about its impressive feat, reaching over 1 million Steam players in its first 48 hours. Now, the developers are sharing updated numbers that point to another impressive milestone. According to Obsidian, Grounded already has more than 5 million players.

However, 5 million players don’t mean that Obsidian sold that many copies of the game. For those who didn’t know, the development studio is owned by Microsoft that purchased Obsidian two years ago. Grounded is one of the games that Xbox Game Pass subscribers can pick up for free, meaning that a huge portion of the players who joined this growing community didn’t have to purchase the game.

While we don’t know how many of these 5 million accounted players are from Xbox Game Pass and how many bought the game separately, it’s fairly safe to assume that Grounded is still selling a lot of copies. The game is constantly appearing on Steam’s Top Sellers list and we expect it to keep its momentum in the future. 

This week Grounded received a new The Koi Pond update that introduces a host of new underwater-themed creatures and mechanics into the game, making it a lot bigger than what we were used to. Here’s a trailer:

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