Rare is not yet done with Sea of Thieves and adds yet another content update! The new addition is called The Seabound Soul. It adds new tall tale, new cosmetics, new weapons and more. Best of all, the new update is now live on PC and Xbox One so if you already own Sea of Thieves you can start your new journey right away.

One of the most interesting parts about the new update is fire. The Seabound Soul allows players to acquire fiery cannonballs or firebombs and launch these at their enemies setting their ships on fire. The fire can spread, but can also be extinguished by a new water barrel onboard all ships. This means that you’ll always get a fighting chance if you notice the flames early.

The Seabound Soul also brings a new tall tale which will be the first new story mission added to the game since last April. During this mission, you will join forces with Sir Arthur Pendragon, the captain of the infamous Blackwyche, and will set out on a journey to uncover the mystery of a ghost ship. Upon completion, you will earn a dragon-themed set of sails and Pendragon’s sword. But that’s not all! The loot coming with The Seabound Soul update also includes tons of new emotes, pets, outfits, and skins.

Lastly, there are some older system updates that will add portable ammo chests, new arena commendations, more achievements, and a Black Market refresh. These will come alongside various smaller updates, fixes, and quality of life improvements.

All in all, Sea of Thieves: The Seabound Soul seems like a really huge update worth diving into. If you’re interested to learn more, be sure to check out the official patch notes. If you like to explore these changes for yourself – be sure to check out our price for the game.

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