It was only a matter of time. Last week, Microsoft bombarded news outlets with a lot of news regarding their next-generation plans. First, there was a new Xbox Series S in conjunction with a console price reveal, and later an announcement about joining hands with EA and introducing EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions merger. Naturally, Sony has to fire back. To no one’s surprise, Sony scheduled a new PlayStation 5 showcase which will happen on September 16th. Get ready, folks!

Animations are cool and all but there are no details about the contents of this upcoming announcement. However, it’s safe to assume that the time to draw big guns is now. We can expect to learn about the PlayStation 5 launch date, its price, and yet unannounced console features.

Among these unknowns, there’s a question about backward compatibility which keeps Sony fans awake at night. Rumors about PlayStation 4 backward compatibility was around for a while but Sony didn’t say anything concrete as of this moment. What all of this will look like, how much will it cost, etc. Having in mind the value that Microsoft’s offering with their Xbox Game Pass, we can expect that Sony will have something similar to offer. Free PS Plus, perhaps? However, these are only our speculations at this point.

Another big talking point is games. While we already got a shortlist of PlayStation 5 exclusives, we hope to get more in the upcoming presentation. Some speculate that we will be getting some news about Final Fantasy, a new Silent Hill, and at least a couple of yet unannounced titles. We have our fingers crossed!

In any case, the next Wednesday will be an interesting one. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog – we’ll let you know all the important things from the presentation.