Over the last decade, Minecraft has become a true cultural phenomenon which expanded far beyond gaming into multiple different media and to this day sees no decline in popularity. By this point there have been countless updates, mods, and spin-offs of Minecraft, so it’s hard to imagine in what other ways can the developer Mojang add to the existing variety of Minecraft content.

However, the studio still has a few tricks up its sleeve, most notably the upcoming Minecraft spin-off game titled  Minecraft Dungeons. Based on what was revealed so far, we can expect a quite unusual experience from this new installment, especially when comparing Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft. Here are 10 main differences between the main game and Mojang’s new project.

1. Where can you play Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons is scheduled to launch on May 26th, 2020 and unlike its predecessor, the game will be immediately available for all major platforms right from its release. Players will be able to enjoy Minecraft Dungeons on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This was, of course, not the case with the original Minecraft as the 2009 public alpha made by now famous Markus Persson was exclusive to PC with ports arriving to other platforms only after the 2011 official release.

2. Same world – different genre

When we look at the Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft comparison, the main difference between these games is determined by the shift in genre. Regular Minecraft is an exemplary creative sandbox game set in an endless procedurally-generated 3D world made up of blocks, while Minecraft Dungeons is first and foremost a dungeon crawler. Both games share the same fictional universe, feature common enemy types, weapons, and tools, but ultimately Minecraft Dungeons is an action RPG with gameplay presented from an isometric perspective. In other words, it could be considered a Minecraft version of Diablo.

3. Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft: storyline

With the exception of previous spin-offs, Minecraft never had a defined storyline. Survival mode simply throws you in the middle of a boundless open-world environment and leaves the freedom to have your own unique adventure as you go along. Minecraft Dungeons on the other hand is a lot more narrative-driven, telling a story about the main heroes’ quest against the evil Arch-Illager powered by the Orb of Dominance. The antagonist of the game controls the dungeon systems, kidnaps peaceful villagers, and terrorizes towns with his army mobs. However, the sad backstory of the neglected and shunned Arch-Illager promises that this campaign might have hidden layers of depth.

4. Greater focus on action

Looking at Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft debate, the latter will have a lot greater focus on action and combat. Vanilla Minecraft also had enough of blood-boiling moments to satisfy those looking for a fight, especially during the nighttime, however, it was never the main focus of the game. This is far from being the case with Minecraft Dungeons, as the player will have to blast through waves of randomly spawning mobs in order to reach the end of the campaign. The tighter focus on combat is by no means a negative thing. Early gameplay footage promises truly engaging action backed by smooth controls and lots of room for improvisation when tackling combat.

5. Are there any new mobs in Minecraft Dungeons?

In regards to mobs, differences between Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft are intentionally kept at a minimum by the developers. Sure, there will be an abundance of new enemies like Redstone-based mobs, illigers, or enchanters, but Mojang seeks to save the atmosphere of the main Minecraft game and transmit the same feel to the latest installment in the series. That’s why the classic Minecraft mobs like Spiders, Skeletons, Zombies, and Creepers will be featured in the game, with some like the Enderman appearing as boss-tier opponents.

6. Minecraft… with no crafting?

A Minecraft game with no crafting or building might sound like a strange idea but this does seem to be the case when we compare Minecraft Dungeons against Minecraft. This again comes from the fact that Minecraft Dungeons is an ARPG, where all the items owned by the player are obtained through scouring the dungeon systems and looking for loot. Instead, the action-oriented game presents alternative ways to get creative.

7. No rigid class system in Minecraft Dungeons

Players can get wildly imaginative in Minecraft Dungeons by experimenting with a large variety of melee weapons, bows, armor sets, and ability granting artifacts. Pickaxes and swords from the main game will make a return along with a plethora of new items. Many of these items can be enchanted and gain unique effects. This opens up possibilities for countless creative items as well as enchantment combinations which serve as a substitute for a rigid class system present in many other RPGs.

8. Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft: procedural generation

In the tradition of classic rogue-like dungeon crawler games, Minecraft Dungeons will feature procedurally generated underground labyrinths for the players to explore and conquer. Each time the player returns to a particular segment of the campaign, the dungeon will have a different layout as well as randomly placed spawns of enemies and loot. However, the difference between procedural generation in Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons is that in the newest game, some segments of the level will always remain the same to stay consistent with the game’s story. Looking at Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft this is, after all, a linear, narrative-driven experience and not an open-ended sandbox like the main game.

9. What is Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition?

Aside from the Minecraft Dungeons standard edition, players can choose to buy the Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition. This package includes cosmetic items like the hero cape, skins for two players, a chicken pet, and best of all – access to both of the upcoming DLCs once they become available. Jungle Awakens expansion will transport players to a tropical island, while the setting of Creeping Winter is self-explanatory. Both of these additional campaign segments will introduce more differences between Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft, with jungle and winter-themed mobs being among them.

10. Multiplayer mode differences

According to the developers, the multiplayer mode of Minecraft Dungeons is designed specifically for couch or online co-op. There won’t be any online matchmaking, only the cooperative mode which will allow up to 4 players to join forces and raid the Arch-Illager’s dungeons together. While the multiplayer won’t be as massive as in the main game, Mojang aims for a cozy co-op experience one could simply enjoy with a small group of close friends.

Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft – the ultimate verdict is yours!

Both of the discussed Minecraft games have great and unique features, and they differ from one another quite immensely. Honestly, it would be rather disappointing if Mojang presented two games that would be identical to each other, fortunately this is far from what we see. Minecraft Dungeons will introduce great variety to the series and open up possibilities for the old fans to experience the world of Minecraft in an all-new way. Right here on Eneba game store, you can buy both of these titles cheaper, compare Minecraft Dungeons vs. Minecraft on your own terms, and reach your own conclusions.