After the delays due to the pandemic, the sequel to a cult classic movie that was so popular it made people sign up to become the Air Force pilots back in 1986 – Top Gun starring Tom Cruise finally hits the theaters on May 24, 2022. To celebrate the release of the film, the studio has paired up with Microsoft to bring the Top Gun experience to their acclaimed flying sim – Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

The free expansion was supposed to come out last year as a companion to the movie but was also delayed. 

So far, not much is known about what the expansion will offer except for a message from Microsoft, that players will be able to: “experience first-hand what it’s like to be a U.S. Navy Top Gun”. We know we’ll be able to pilot the F-18 fighter jet, but aside from that, the contents of the expansion remain to be seen. Nonetheless, adding fighter jets to an already huge game is a win in our book.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun: Mavericks expansion releases on May 25 and as mentioned before, will be free on both PC and Xbox.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

It doesn’t matter if you’re a flight aficionado or just a beginner who wants to experience a top-notch realistic flight simulation or just breeze over the gorgeous landscapes of our planet Earth with beautiful scenery, and real-life landmarks. Microsoft Flight Simulator offers various types of aircraft ranging from propeller planes to commercial airliners (now also adding fighter jets), and if you still haven’t, you can buy Microsoft Flight Simulator cheaper or play it by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a huge success and the game is getting more and more updates, further expanding the geographical locations and adding new landmarks with the last update being Australia.