A few weeks back we shared some awesome news about Hangar13’s plans to remake original Mafia games for current generation consoles. While the original plan was to release these games during the summer, the developer decided to reschedule. Mafia: Definitive edition was pushed back a few weeks and will become available on September 25th.

The news was announced via Twitter message:

Originally the game was set to be released on August 28th, but according to the message, plans were changed due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As the developers stated: “the last thing we want to do is compromise the quality of the experience”, so the delay makes sense for such a highly anticipated passion project.

However, the most dedicated fans will be treated with something special during the summer. Right after the public delay of the game, the developers also shared another Tweet in which they marked the 22nd of July in a calendar. Two weeks from now we’ll finally see what Hangar13 was doing with the game and will get a chance to glimpse at the extended gameplay bits.

In any case, older versions of the Mafia Trilogy are still available for download so if your patience is limited, be sure to check out our price for it. We know it’s not as good looking as a remake, but the game is still the same.