We know that many of you already tried the Hitman series and are currently enjoying Hitman 3. For those who already completed the main game, IO interactive has a new suggestion – a new multi-part expansion for the game called Seven Deadly Sins.

As the name suggests, the new expansion will consist of 7 different chapters that will serve as Hitman 3’s roadmap moving forward and will give each future update its own theme and name.

The first one – Act 1: Greed – should kick off on March 30th and will take Hitman 3 players to Dubai where certain new challenges will be presented for the player. You will be tasked to earn in-game currency by eliminating certain targets and by completing a new Escalation mission: The Greed Enumeration. Oh and for that, you’ll earn a flashy reward – a new and flashy new outfit which can be seen in the Seven Deadly Sins announcement trailer.

Unexpectedly, Seven Deadly Sins DLC is not free, so you’ll have to spend some money in order to join the fun. According to IO Interactive, players will be able to purchase access to each of the Seven Deadly Sins chapters separately or buy all of them together. Developers plan to release a new Act every couple of months. Following the launch of Act 1: Greed we should also get chapters focused on Pride, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, and Envy.

Seems like Hitman 3 fans are in for a very interesting year! Want to join them? Be sure to check out our price for the game!