Just a month after the release of Death Stranding, the industry rockstar Hideo Kojima is already looking ahead for the future projects. In a new Twitter message, the creator of Metal Gear Solid franchise, Death Stranding, and PT, revealed that he’s trying to awaken his ‘horror soul’  in order to make ‘the scariest horror game’.

Of course, this vague Tweet might not mean anything or it can be a clever tease for a yet unrevealed game project which might be announced in the future (The Game Awards 2019, perhaps?). You can never underestimate the secrecy of Hideo Kojima.

In case you didn’t know, the creator of Death Stranding previously worked on Silent Hill game with Konami, and released a demo version of it called PT which became one of the most terrifying video game experiences ever. However, after the developer parted ways with Konami, and so, the game was never made since Konami still holds the rights to the Silent Hill IP.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get a full-fledged PT game or something else entirely. A short horror demo by Hideo Kojima proved that this guy knows how to make a game that can haunt players for years. We have our fingers crossed that – this time – the video game rockstar will be able to complete watching The Eye, and will get the inspiration he’s looking for.