In 2014, publisher Microsoft studios together with developers from 343 Industries released an awesome selection of remastered classic Halo games titled Halo: Master Chief Collection. While many players expected the collection to be a one-time treat, developers of the game are still releasing updates to support the product. Their latest has reached players last week.

The first big update of 2019 follows a very successful November addition, which introduced a match composer feature. The new update fixes a lot of bugs, adds ‘modern aiming’ option, includes more skulls for Halo: Combat Evolved title and more.

Probably the biggest novelty across all games is ‘modern aiming’. For quite some time there were a lot of talks that the Master Chief Collection’s aiming feels a bit weird in some of the games. The new update addresses the issue, introducing a new setting in the ‘aim control’ section for each game. You can switch this option on in order to smooth-out aim acceleration and make aiming feel a bit more like Halo 4. If you won’t like this option, you can always revert it to classic.

There are tons of new additions and options to each game in the collection. If you’re interested, we suggest reading through Halo Waypoint patch notes to get acquainted.

If you haven’t played any of the Halo games, we suggest you head over to our store and pick one up. This might be a perfect time to jump on the Halo series while the world waits for the new Halo Infinite.

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