This is not a drill! The Coalition, a studio behind Gears 5 game, yesterday announced that it will be introducing six new playable characters to their game. According to the official announcement, Gears 5 will bring 4 new characters from Gears of War lore and present 2 additional guests as a promotion for Terminator Dark Fate.

The list of Gears of War lore characters include names familiar to fans of the series. It features COG Gear, DeeBee, Warden and General RAAM. Terminator Dark Fate promotion features Grace and the Terminator Model Rev-9. All of these new additions can be purchased via the in-game store or earned through gameplay.

According to The Coalition, each of these six new additions brings a unique playstyle to the game. While all characters will have their own unique abilities available for the Arcade mode, some may have some additional moves up their sleeve for Horde and Escape game modes.

“Whether your style favors the aggression of RAAM, the tactical advantage of the DeeBees or Grace’s explosive skill set, each new character offers a different way to flex your competitive muscle.”

In addition to these characters, the developers of Gear 5 also teased that the new game update will land shortly. In a few upcoming weeks, players can expect some new Escape Hives, new seasonal multiplayer events and fresh customization rewards for each multiplayer mode.

You can read more about all of this in the official blog post by Xbox.