Everyone in the gaming world is currently talking about one thing – Fortnite. Over the weekend, Fortnite’s Season 10 has concluded and brought an end to one of the biggest games of all time. Well, at least for the time being… The conclusion of Season 10 opened up a black hole in the game world effectively sucking everyone and everything related to the game, meaning that fans of Fortnite cannot even play the game for the time being.

Crazy, right? Epic Games did this on purpose! The company also went a step further and even wiped all of the Fortnite’s social media accounts squeaky clean. Fortnite’s Twitter is black with only a single tweet remaining which shows a stream of a black hole – the same one that players who try to log in to the game see right now.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that even though nobody can play Fortnite, the game’s Twitch section is now the main gathering place for the fans – yesterday, it had over 4 million viewers watching the black hole on a loop. An impressive end to season 10 if you ask us.

We’re sure it’s not permanent and in a day or two Fortnite will re-launch again, and the long-awaited Season 11 will begin. We’ve shared our expectations for the season in this blog post. However, after such a conclusion Epic Games might have something even bigger up their sleeve. Some leaks suggest that the new Fortnite season won’t be a season at all and instead will be called Fortnite: Chapter 2, which would make sense after this much effort put into wiping everything related to Fortnite clean.

As for now, there are only speculations and rumors since no official word about the future of the game has been given. We don’t even know how long the blackout will last. Anyway, with Season 11, Epic Games had our curiosity. Now they have our full attention.