If you love narrative-driven games, you might already know about a highly popular Firewatch game that took the world of gaming by the storm. It was a short single-player first-person narrative-based adventure type of game developed by Campo Santo that received a lot of positive feedback upon its release back in 2016. Naturally, folks over at Hollywood decided that this game is perfect for a silver-screen adaptation and decided to make a movie based on it. Now, we learned that movie production is underway.

However, we should mention that this is not the first attempt to make this movie. In 2016, developer Campo Santo announced a deal with Good Universe to make a Firewatch film, but later Good Universe was bought by Lionsgate. This meant that the rights for Firewatch adaptation returned to Campo Santo. 

In 2018 Campo Santo also made another announcement – Valve bought this indie studio and decided to start working on Firewatch’s sequel. However, the idea to adapt this story stayed present. Now we learned that the rights to make a movie were acquired by Snoot Entertainment – the indie production house that is known for Blindspotting movie and Little Monsters TV show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new Firewatch feature will be produced together with original game developers. Campo Santo co-founders Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin will help to write a script and act as assistant directors for the project.

While we don’t know much else about this project, it’s nice to see that a genius idea to adapt the game into a movie didn’t go to waste. Back in the day, Firewatch was praised for a stunning art direction and an intricate story following Henry, a man who’s taken a break from his messy life and went off into Wyoming wilderness as a fire lookout.

If you haven’t played through the original game, we suggest you give it a try. We have a great price for it!