Seems like the team behind Final Fantasy MMORPG game are already preparing for the inevitable future. Yesterday, Final Fantasy XIV’s producer and director Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the development team are already working on a port of the game for PlayStation 5.

The news was announced during the annual Final Fantasy XIV fan festival in London. According to some sources who attended the event, Naoki Yoshida went on stage to give out some special event prizes – themed PlayStation 4 consoles. While giving away these prizes, Yoshida expressed his gratitude towards the awesome Final Fantasy XIV community and made a remark that next year he hopes to return to the stage and will award winners with Final Fantasy XIV-themed PlayStation 5. According to him, his team is currently hard at work on making Final Fantasy XIV game for the next-generation hardware.

While it does sound awesome, especially if you’re a fan of this MMORPG game, there is no official confirmation from the publisher Square Enix. However, if the rumors about PS5’s backward compatibility with PS4 games are true, we see no reason why the team wouldn’t want this to become reality. Final Fantasy XIV is still super popular and should make its way to Xbox One fairly soon.

Furthermore, from what we gather, it’s not just a simple port, it might also get some special graphical enhancements. This would mean that PlayStation fans still have years of Final Fantasy XIV action ahead – more expansions, more updates, more of everything.