On September 30th, the new and the last FIFA game developed by Electronic Arts will hit the physical and digital store shelves. While EA may have refused to buy an extended license for the FIFA name, they are not stopping to pour resources into developing the best football simulator to date by any means. Will it be the best FIFA game yet? There is only one way to find out.

Pre-order FIFA 23 now!

Play early and get extra benefits

Kylian Mbappe FIFA 23

Those who pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition will get the opportunity to experience the game a few days early. Additionally, there are some extra bonuses included with the pre-order that are sure to elevate your FIFA Ultimate Team experience. Football fans will get the chance to use the cover and PSG star Kylian Mbappe as a loan item for five matches. You will also get a random untradable player to add to your FUT squad as well as a homegrown talent for the Career mode who has all the potential to become a true superstar. Bonuses will vary on which edition of FIFA 23 you’ll pre-order. For example, the Ultimate Edition will grant extra FUT Points that will surely come in handy during drafting. Note that some pre-order bonuses are only available until August 22, so if you want them, hurry up!

Can HyperMotion2 create the best FIFA game yet? 

Each year we gamers seem to be unhappy with the improvements, or should we say, lack of improvements to the FIFA games the developers are implementing. In truth, the changes might seem minor, but they have a huge impact on many aspects of the game. Last year, FIFA made a jump to the next-gen consoles with the new HyperMotion and Machine learning technologies which improved movement and artificial intelligence. Further building upon this technology with HyperMotion2, the developers promise more fluid and responsive movement. You’ll be able to cancel your dribbles and change directions on a whim creating new opportunities and tactics. Another refreshment of animations seems unnecessary on paper, but in practice, it changes the entire approach to gameplay.

Cross-play and women’s clubs

Cross-play has been a feature FIFA fans have been begging for and EA has already tried to implement it in some game modes during the FIFA 22 cycle. This year it’s official and you’ll be able to compete against your friends on PC, Playstation, and Xbox across all 1v1 game modes. 

FIFA 23 Women's Clubs

Cross-play is not the only huge leap for FIFA. For the first time in football gaming history, women’s football clubs are getting the spotlight! EA is introducing The FA Women’s Super League and the French Division 1 Féminine to FIFA 23. They also claim more leagues will be added in the future. In addition, the game will also feature FIFA Women’s World cup mode. And speaking of World Cup…

FIFA Qatar World Cup

Yes, FIFA 23 features the upcoming World Cup where you’ll be able to play as your favorite national team. This is fantastic news because we always get the urge to turn on FIFA when the World Cup matches are over. And just in case your favorite team doesn’t win, you can always take revenge in FIFA. We know we will.

Pre-order FIFA 23, get extra bonuses, and play the game early. Buy directly on PC for a lower price, or save a handful of money with PlayStation and Xbox gift cards. The kick-off starts at the end of September.