While the new FIFA game introduced some cool additions to the game, there was one in particular, which divided the fans of the series. In theory, a new mechanic called Timed Finishing was supposed to reward skilled players and give more control over how they shoot the ball. In reality, it felt broken. Players who managed to learn it would score goals more often than not. The new FIFA 19 update addresses this issue and makes Timed Finishing a lot less forgiving.

For those who didn’t know, Timed Finishing lets you click the shooting button for a second time right before the player kicks the ball and this increases the chance of scoring. If a player presses the button too early or too late the shot will fail. However, FIFA players quickly found the potential to exploit the new mechanic combining it with Finesse Shot, which led to goals even when the timing to Timed Finishing was off.

The new Title Update 7, makes Timed Finishing a lot less forgiving if the player fails with the timing. To demonstrate the changes EA Sports released a few pictures highlighting how many shots out of a 100 were going on and off target, the pre-update and after results were striking!.

fifa kick pre update
fifa kick after update

While the new update won’t kill the Timed Finishing completely, it’s likely to bring some balance into the game. You can read the full Title Update 7 patch notes here.