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New and upcoming video games: 2020 releases list!

2020 has a lot in store for gamers!

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Best games 2019 – a retrospective look

We picked out the best games of 2019!

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Mobile Legends characters, UI & gameplay – first impressions

It just so happened that one of our team members has come across a rather different experience than those we’re used to presenting...

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Halo: MCC PC release and why it matters

PC gamers never got the chance to “finish the fight”...

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Anime video games: 2019 and beyond!

Throughout the years, there have been countless gaming titles that embraced the beloved anime aesthetics.

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Top 5 awesome arcade games for PC

All of these arcade games for PC are available for purchase at Eneba.

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N7 Day celebration: the history of the Mass Effect games

We invite you to take a retrospective look at this epic, gaming industry-defining sci-fi action RPG franchise.

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Destiny 2 Questions & Answers

It's never too late to pursuit your Destiny!

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The best PC Halloween games to play this year

The following games will break your sense of security and force you to face your digital nightmares.


BlizzCon 2019 - what to expect?

The opening show will be streamed live to everyone for free on November 1st.

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Gears 5 vs Gears of War 4 - our thoughts

We're taking a look at the new features and comparing them to the old...

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Top 5 RPG video games you should know and play

Grab your dagger, sword, or a magic spell and get into the action!

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint vs Wildlands

The new game promises to be an upgrade in many regards...

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5 best Nintendo Switch games according to our team

All of these games are worthy of your utmost attention!

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Borderlands 2 vs Borderlands 3 – changes, additions, enhancements

The entire new world is waiting to be explored!