Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 game is one of the most anticipated releases of 2021 so far, and finally, we are getting some fresh news that promise an outstanding Far Cry experience. With Far Cry 6 news unveiled and out in the wild, time to assess all we know about the game, including gameplay, narrative, and other good stuff. The initial Far Cry 6 release date was February 2021, however, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the game was delayed. However, on 28 May, during a big stream, we had a new Far Cry 6 release date presented and, of course, the juicy gameplay and character reveal trailer.

The Far Cry 6 protagonist revealed

As seen in the trailer, the whole Far Cry 6 PC premise is a Cuba-inspired revolution happening on Yara’s fictional island. Now, let’s start breaking down what we know about the upcoming Far Cry game and start with the revealed protagonist: Dani Rojas. The choice of a female protagonist quite strays from Ubisoft’s tradition with the Far Cry series, which is a welcome change. 

The best part, though, is that a player will be able to choose the gender of Dani Rojas, to cater to all gamers in the audience. We applaud the choice. Back to the guerrilla, and it seems that the guerrilla has a fierce personality, a perfect fit for someone that desires to tear down the dictatorship gripping their homeland. 

She differs from prior MC’s of the Far Cry series not only because of her gender, but also her motivation. She has no immediate thirst for revenge motivating her, in fact, her development from the soldier in servitude of Antón Castillo to a guerrilla resisting the rule of the so-loathed el Presidente. That’s right, she seems to have served in his army. In a nutshell, we can expect an intriguing backstory here. So, here are major facts we know about Dani Rojas:

  • Dani Rojas used to be a member of the Castillo military;
  • Rojas is the first female character in the Far Cry series;
  • She joins the resistance called Libertad through some reluctance, leaving room for an interesting bit of Far Cry 6 narrative;
  • She’s the embodiment of what one would call a badass.

Plus, with her cold-blooded reaction to unforeseen circumstances and all the frenzy squeezed into mere several minutes of the trailer, we can be sure that Dani has quite a persona and appears to be a promising Far Cry 6 protagonist.

Is the Far Cry 6 game political?

The hottest question at the moment regarding the upcoming Far Cry 6 release is whether the game is a political statement. The answer is, yes. Navid Khavari, the narrative director at Ubisoft shared a statement that concludes the speculation – the story depicted in Far Cry 6 is political. He states:

“A story about a modern revolution must be. There are hard, relevant discussions in Far Cry 6 about the conditions that lead to the rise of fascism in a nation, the costs of imperialism, forced labor, the need for free-and-fair elections, LGBTQ+ rights, and more within the context of Yara, a fictional island in the Caribbean.”

This adds extra layers to the already multi-dimensional narrative in the Far Cry 6 game, possibly topping the release up in the whole series. The apparent conflict between the Yara’s government and the oppositional group called Libertard entails many issues that seem to be analogous to the happenings in Cuba. Of course, it’s no easy task to tackle political issues in gaming without appearing too commercial about the depiction of said issues, but let’s remember, Ubisoft is a company that knows its game. 

Some details on Far Cry 6 gameplay

Ubisoft’s trailer reveals the main protagonist and provides insight into Far Cry 6 PC and console gameplay. The guerrilla master named Juan Cortez immediately introduces 4 rules that make a guerrilla a good guerrilla, and so we quote:

  • Rule #1: a good guerrilla is a hidden guerrilla
  • Rule #2: a good guerrilla masters their environment
  • Rule #3: fucked-up situations call for fucked-up solutions
  • Rule #4: a good guerrilla always brings a friend along for moral support

Although the rules define what makes a skilled guerrilla, they also suggest what we can expect in terms of gameplay mechanics, and it seems that we have a very versatile Far Cry game upon us. 

As a rule, to fight the army of a thousand when the group of resistance is outnumbered, one must be resourceful. Players will enter the fictional tropical Caribbean island Yara, but the dream-like beauty of this island is ravaged by the ongoing civil war. Now, what awaits is frenzied adrenaline-filled combat all about, with elements of stealth, FPS, and melee combat, as suggested by rule #1 and rule #2. 

Because Far Cry 6 is an open-world game where you can interact with the environment, you’ll be able to utilize the surroundings to your advantage and use materials in sight to craft tools and weapons even. Another interesting thing to note is that Far Cry 6 co-op should be a thing too, but how it will be implemented into the game remains to be seen.

Will you be able to pet animals in Far Cry 6?

Rule #4 emphasizes the importance of having a four-legged (or two-legged, we don’t know, okay?) companion for lifting the spirits when the fight for the future of your homeland becomes too weary. In the character reveal trailer, we meet a cute sausage-dog Chorizo, who instantly became the Far Cry 6 game star. The pup is a popping bundle of excitement and his little injury doesn’t stop him from being the bestest boy. Will you be able to pet him? Hell yeah.

However, Far Cry 6’s Chorizo is not the only friendly animal in the game. You can also rely on the crocodile named Guapo to help you in your quest of bringing down the tyrannical dictatorship of Antón Castillo. Upon a whistle, the crocodile plunges at an enemy with no retaliation, so if Guapo is at your side, he’s got your back. So yes, likely you’ll be able to pet a crocodile too, and if that isn’t a deal sealer, we don’t know what is.

What is the Far Cry 6 release date?

If you want to know when you will be able to topple one of the most anticipated Far Cry villains Antón Castillo’s game, mark 7 October 2021 as the Far Cry 6 release date and be sure to have nothing else planned on that day. Far Cry 6 is planned to be released on the respected gaming systems:

  • Far Cry 6 PC
  • Far Cry 6 PS4
  • Far Cry 6 Xbox One
  • Far Cry 6 PS5
  • Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X | S
  • Far Cry 6 Google Stadia

Until the game is finally released, don’t forget the cinematic trailer brought to you by the team from Ubisoft. It seems that the Far Cry 6 game is no mere iteration in the series to keep the Far Cry franchise going. No, it seems like Ubisoft is trying to deliver an outstanding gaming experience and to leave an imprint with its multilayered narrative about a revolution addressing the issues present in the world today.

Are you ready to dive into another grandiose Far Cry adventure? If that the case, pre-order Far Cry 6 to enjoy the game the very first day of its release. Chorizo and Guapo will be waiting!