We love playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Upon the release of this game, we were skeptical, thinking that the game won’t break the internet in the way that it did, but we stand corrected by the ultimate support coming from all corners of the internet. Fall Guys is a fun, engaging, and unexpectedly competitive game, so we decided to prepare an ultimate Fall Guys guide and get you ready for your journey in colorful beany land.

If you were scouring the internet looking for some information on how to win the Fall Guys game, we want to help you out! We wanted to give a few general Fall Guys tips, that will help you out to claim victory and snag that wonderful crown at the end of the race. However, you should keep in mind that some Fall Guys tips in our list may not apply to all game levels. These are some general rules you should remember in order to boost your chances in a race. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Don’t rush

We want to begin our Fall Guys guide with a tip that might seem contradictory to the main mechanic of the game at first. However, if you’re not new to this game, you might already witness some of the instances where a little patience can earn you a spot in the next round. While this tip doesn’t always apply to all Fall Guys levels, there are some mini-games where patience can save you a few seconds and get you to the next round. Just a couple of examples are Door Dash – a level where you have to storm the gates and guess which ones are real and which ones are fake. Gate Crash – a race level with moving doors or See-Saw – where players are racing across a series of see-saws to be the first to the finish line.

The main idea behind this game tip is to allow other players to make mistakes for you. In Door Dash you can intentionally fall behind a bit and let other players try out various doors, so you could run through the obstacle without bumping into anything. Gate Crash is similar – most players are mindlessly running towards the open gates just to bump into a wall right after the gate is closed. If you calculate correctly, you can save a few additional seconds while running to a gate that is closed at that particular moment but will open up shortly. And lastly, See-Saw – a mode where rushing on a crowded platform will only teleport you back to the start. Allow other players to hop on the platform and fall down so you could be the first one to hop on it when it returns to the normal position.

Finally, we should mention Tip Toe mode, where you have to find the hidden pathway to the finish line while being wary of the fake tiles. Do we need to explain why it’s a good idea to be second or third in line while playing this mode? Allow other players to test the path, allow them to fall first, so you could be sure that you won’t need to get back to the start.

2. Be mindful of your surroundings

This Fall Guys tip is an extension of the previous one. In any game guide, this tip is essential and our Fall Guys guide is no exception. In order to boost your chances of winning, you must be aware of what’s happening around. Keep an eye on a timer, know what other players are doing and you’ll have an obvious advantage. Also, don’t forget that certain obstacles can launch you a few meters forward and can help you bypass your competition if used correctly. The Whirlygig or Hit Paradice have pendulums and if you time it perfectly, you can fling yourself forward and secure your spot in the next round easier.

3. Trust your teammates

Fall Guys have a bunch of levels where players are separated into teams. Egg Scramble, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Fall Ball, Team Tail Tag, Jinx, Hoopsey Daisy, and Hoarders are designed as team games so you must play as one and no Fall Guys guide will be able to help you if you’re ignoring this basic mechanic. We have seen numerous rounds where a big portion of the team chases one objective while the others work together to secure points. It’s important to remember that in these modes you shouldn’t be selfish because, in the end, you might lose even though you performed really well.

To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at Hoopsie Daisy mini-game in which you have to jump through hoops in order to get a point for your team. Be aware of what your teammates are doing and where they are running. In this mode, you will only get one point even though two of your team members hop through the same hoop. This means that it makes more sense to run towards the other hoop and leave that one for your teammate – you might get two points instead of one! Stay separated, hold back enemies and you’ll surely boost your chances in qualifying to the next round.

Another great example is Fall Ball. Have you ever seen a football match where a team can win without having a defense? Even though sometimes it might seem boring, defending your gates (or balls in Hoarders mode) is an important role in these types of games.  

4. Don’t forget to Dive

This Fall Guys tip is one for the noobs. I bet that some of you skipped all the tutorials which explained that you can dive instead of jumping. For those who didn’t know, Dive is a far better option if you want to jump further, however, upon diving, you will fall and will need some time to get back on your tiny feet.

You jump with Space (PC) or X (PS4) and dive with Ctrl (PC) and Square (PS4). Dive might help you cross bigger gaps, can help you escape your enemies in Team Tail Tag, or be the first to hit a ball in Fall Ball. Upon using these two options more, you’ll figure out more scenarios where to use one or another. This will help you to figure out how to win Fall Guys games more often!

5. Enjoy the game!

Lastly, we want to conclude our Fall Guys guide with the most important rule of all – enjoy this awesome game. We recommend not taking things too seriously. Fall Guys was created as a fun casual experience and is not about winning (at least we haven’t heard any plans about Fall Guys esports competitions coming any time soon). The game is about creating an environment where funny situations happen very often so you and your friend can laugh your ass off. Having fun is the key component and if you have fun – you will want to play more of it, meaning that you will win more often. Raging, cheating, and being annoyed at other players will get you nowhere.

A wise man once said that it’s about the journey, not the destination, and Fall Guys provides an awesome experience during each play session. Turn off your brain, have some laughs and if you failed – try again. We’re sure you will succeed sometime!