While some of you thought that hype surrounding Fall Guys died out since most popular streamers are playing other games right now, you are mistaken. According to recent stats published by Mediatonic, the game is still huge and recently surpassed another sales record. The numbers show that more than 11 million players bought Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and are playing it to this day.

It’s also worth pointing out that 11 million is only the number of players who bought it on PC. The game is also released on PlayStation 4 and it’s fairly safe to assume that a few million bought the game on console as well.

We expect Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout numbers continue to grow since Mediatonic and Devolver Digital already shared their plans to adapt the game to other platforms as well, including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, next-gen consoles, and mobile. The third season of the game should be revealed at The Game Awards 2020, so we might get some news about other future versions of the game there too. 

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