Not everyone is happy about the announcement of Fortnite Chapter 2. Epic Games makes that list. The company is not happy that one game tester, Ronald Sykes, leaked the information about the future of Fortnite ahead of Chapter 2 release. So, the guy now has a lawsuit filed against him.

In case you missed all the fuss on the internet surrounding Fortnite’s Season 10 ending, be sure to check out our blog post regarding the topic. However, the end-scenario along with the upcoming changes to the game were previously spoiled via Ronald’s Twitter in late September, including an image of the map and confirmation about boating and swimming in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Epic Games presented a lawsuit which states that Ronald Sykes breached the NDA contract:

“Epic is suing Sykes because he broke his contractual obligation to keep Epic’s secrets about the upcoming season of Fortnite, Epic’s popular video game. Information is currency. Sykes cashed in on what he learned as a User Experience tester for Epic. He did so at the expense of Epic and those in the Fortnite community who were anxiously awaiting the new season of Fortnite only to have some of Epic’s planned surprises spoiled by Sykes’ leaks.”

If you’re interested in reading the full lawsuit, you can find a copy of the full document here.

Seems like someone is in big trouble for not being able to keep their mouth shut. It’s also worth mentioning that this is not the first time Epic sues someone for leaking the news. It’s hard to imagine how the end of Season 10 would be received without any prior leaks, so Epic Games has a point with their claim.

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