Hey gamers! Check out what we’ve cooked for you. This time, we teamed up with masters of mechanical keyboards QwertyKey. The result? QwertyKey80 – an awesome limited edition Eneba-themed keyboard!

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Experience Unmatched Customization and Comfort

Why the QwertyKey80? This is more than just a keyboard; it’s your new command center. The QwertyKey80 combines sleek design with state-of-the-art functionality to offer:

  • Customizable Screen: Add your personal touch with the integrated 0.85” display screen. Showcase the Eneba logo or change it to any animated gifs or static images you want.
  • Custom Unique Dye Sub Design: Elevate your keyboard with vibrant, lasting colors and unique designs on every keycap.
  • QMK / VIA Compatible: Effortlessly customize your keyboard with QMK & VIA for smooth programming and limitless potential.
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless & Bluetooth Connection: Enjoy optimal performance with both 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, perfect for gaming and multitasking across multiple devices. Cable is also included if you prefer a wired option.
  • PBT MSA Pudding Keycaps: Typing comfort meets durability with these resistant, clear legends, PBT keycaps.
  • Gateron EF Switches: Pre-lubricated switches straight from the factory for a smoother typing experience.
  • Best Acoustics Straight from the Box: Experience serene typing sounds and enhanced stability with sound-absorbing foam and polycarbonate plate.
  • PCB-Gaskets: Enjoy a flexible and comfortable typing experience with the gasket-mounted structure.
  • Hotswap: Customize your typing feel effortlessly without soldering, thanks to hot-swappable switches.
  • South Facing RGB: Illuminate your keyboard with the included software which allows the lighting to be fully customized even with alternative keycaps.
  • Screwless Design: Hassle-free assembly with zero screws for a seamless setup out of the box.
  • Long-Lasting Sessions: Keep typing without interruption with the powerful 4000mAh battery, chargeable with the standard USB-C cable for endless productivity.

Who is QwertyKey?

Say goodbye to boring tech and show off your individuality! QwertyKey, a gamer-led team from Romania, is changing the game with personalized gaming hardware and accessories. Upgrade your everyday tools like keyboards, desk mats, and keycaps with their unique products. It’s never been easier to customize your setup to reflect your style and personality. With QwertyKey, it’s not just gear – it’s a true reflection of you.

Press F to Stand Out

The QwertyKey80 is more than just a tool – it’s a centerpiece of your gaming setup. Add extra flair to your typing for €128.95. Transform your typing and gaming experience forever!

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