We’re getting a new Star Wars game! Electronic Arts just announced that fans of this legendary franchise will finally be able to participate in space dogfights in a galaxy far far away. Players will be piloting the legendary X-wing (or the infamous TIE fighter) and will participate in endless space combat between the New Republic and Empire.

Take a look:

According to the news, the Star Wars: Squadrons will be a strategic first-person 5v5 multiplayer game so you shouldn’t expect a lot of story from it. However, even with a huge focus on multiplayer, EA is still offering something for those who don’t really like multiplayer but would love to fly around the galaxy (it’s a Star Wars game after all). The game will feature a short campaign set near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War where you will be able to choose to fight as a rebel or as a member of the Empire.

Another thing worth noting is EA’s promise to implement cross-play support for Star Wars: Squadrons. According to the company, the game should be released for PC (Steam, Origin, and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and possibly next-generation consoles as well. In addition, Star Wars: Squadrons will feature VR support for PS4 and PC!

However, we’ve yet to see some gameplay footage of the new game. We hope to get some in the upcoming EA Play conference which is scheduled for June 18. And while you wait, we suggest checking out some other Star Wars games in our special collection. Maybe you missed a title or two which will help you to pass some time whilst in the queue to fly X-wing.