Finally! One of the most popular co-op games on our site – Dead by Daylight – finally gets a long-awaited update bringing a cross-play option and allowing you to play this game with your friends who own the game on different platforms. Developers from Behaviour Interactive announced this feature back in May, but we haven’t heard much since. Now the update is live!

This new update comes not only with functionality to play together but also with an option to combine your friends’ lists from all platforms. You can search through the entire player base and add any person with a Dead By Daylight ID to your friends’ list – no matter which platform are they using to play the game. This should greatly expand your options and bring the community together.

However, one platform is still missing. Dead by Daylight is already announced for Google Stadia and should be released in September. Developers stated that they’ll bring Stadia players to the fold as well but will exclude anyone who wants to play it on mobile.

The last step to make this game a true cross-platform title is to add a cross-progression feature. Behaviour Interactive said that their team is already working on this, however, it might take some time to implement it fully.

While Dead by Daylight is a fairly old title, it’s getting better with each new update. It’s nice to see developers supporting it even years after its initial launch and their sales numbers are reflecting it. If you’ve never tried this game before, be sure to check it out – we have a special discount for it! Dead by Daylight is a great co-op experience. Especially, If you’re into survival horror…