Let’s be honest – Dark Souls is not for everyone. Some gamers like when the game is hard and some hate it. According to recent data, there are at least 27 million players who love playing hardcore games. 27 million is exactly the number From Software reported about Dark Souls series sales. More than a third of these sales – 10 million units, to be exact – are accumulated by Dark Souls 3.

The news about this was announced in an official From Software page. The developers thanked fans for playing and dropped some numbers on top of it. According to the news, 27 million units include all of the souls’ games except the first entry Deamon Souls.

“The series has progressed from “DARK SOULS” (2011), “DARK SOULS II” (2014), “DARK SOULS III” (2016) through to “DARK SOULS REMASTERED” (2018), and has now reached a combined total of 27 million sales from physical copies shipped and digital downloads thanks to players worldwide.”

While these numbers are nothing compared to Resident Evil series sales numbers or a recent Minecraft record, keep in mind the first sentence of this article. It’s an amazing result for such a hardcore game. Congrats to all of the guys over at From Software!

As for the future, while we won’t be getting a new souls game, we hope to get something similar in a year or two. The next joint development project between FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment, Elden Ring is currently being polished. We hope to hear some news about it really soon… It’s been a while since the title was first revealed and with the next generation consoles coming up, we have high hopes.