We don’t usually share rumors but this one was pretty convincing. Apparently, Cuphead is coming to PlayStation Store! Twitter user Warrio64 (known for his past career as an internet detective) shared a screenshot from an international PlayStation Store which lists Cuphead as a new game on the platform.

However, as with all leaks, we should take this one with a little grain of salt since no official news was shared by the publisher as well as PlayStation representatives, and they wouldn’t want a good announcement to go to waste. What gives us more solid ground to make such claims is another message by Geoff Keighley, who also shared a Tweet about its next Summer Game Fest update with “one of our favorite indie game studios”.

If that’s true and Cuphead is really making its way to PlayStation platform, Xbox’s Phill Spencer might want to draft up a public apology for lying his ass off during the launch of Cuphead. Back in the day, the company’s representative told everyone that Cuphead will stay Xbox One exclusive forever. Now, we have a Cuphead version for Nintendo Switch, and Teslas, with PlayStation port coming up shortly… Shame on you, Phill!

In any case, the game is great and worth checking out. Studio MDHR deserves a lot more attention and PlayStation release might provide a solid boost for Cuphead and might enable developers to do more content in the future. Let’s wait and see who is who – we hope to get some official confirmation tomorrow.