Is Gears 5 coming to PC?

Yes, you can freely play Gears 5 on your personal computer. Xbox – and Microsoft, by extension – announced that the Gears 5 release will cover both the consoles and PC, catering to all sorts of players. The game belongs to Xbox Play Anywhere collection, which includes titles who are available for both PC and console, and you can jump between the two whenever you want. We can only speculate it’s been done as a further integration between the two platforms, as the companies are moving towards flexible services that will cover more and more games.

Can I play Gears 5 now?

The release date for Gears 5 is set on September 10, 2019. However, if you own a subscription service called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will be able to access the game 4 days early – so, if you own that particular premium service, you will be able to play on September 6, well before Gears 5 release anywhere else. Not to mention you will also get the Ultimate version of the game, and who would say no to additional boosts and items?

Does Gears of War have multiplayer?

That is right, Gears of War have great content you can challenge your friends in or even try to overcome the enemy while working together. And if we are talking about Gears 5 in particular, the title promises to have several multiplayer-oriented game modes. One if meant as co-op tactical escape simulation, another is a 10 person PVP (should be quite a fun mayhem!), and last but not least, Gears 5 release promises to give the fans a mode with waves of enemies that you and four other players will struggle to hold off – the ultimate multiplayer fight for great rewards.

Is Gears 5 Coming to Game Pass?

We have superb news for you – it is already there! In fact, when you invest in Game Pass, you will be given access to all the previous titles as well, some of them might be available on PC as well! This is a perfect opportunity to refresh your knowledge of the world and the story in general before Gears 5 release hits the fanbase. Not to mention that with Game Pass Ultimate, you can even play Gears 5 several days earlier!

Will Gears 5 have a season pass?

The short answer is no. The long answer is a bit more complicated… but still very gratifying to the players. Basically, the developers decided they will not be placing any content in the Season Passes or packs. The game will either let you purchase the in-game content with no RNG factor interfering – so you will know exactly what you will get. Additionally, all the DLC maps will also be given away for free. Gears 5 release is set to not only astound the fans but also change the rules that have taken root in the industry.

Is Gears of War 5 cross-platform?

We have some great news for you – yes, the game supports cross-play. This means that you can play with friends regardless of whether your platforms match or not. Let’s say you have a console, while your friend plays on Steam – you can still team up and battle the Swarm, take on bosses and complete tasks. Maybe you like the PVP element and worry that PC players might have an upper hand? Options coming with Gears 5 release allows you to turn off the cross-play, ensuring that everyone’s chances at winning are respected. And with cross-play comes the cross-save feature, enabling you to play on whichever platform you want, with no fear of losing your progress.

Is Gears of War 5 split-screen?

Yes, the campaign mode will have a three-player split-screen mode. This allows you to go through the story accompanied by your friends, each working to uncover the secrets that might save or further break the team and if we are being honestly dramatic here, the world! With Gears 5 release, the developers hope to entice the fans with the largest campaign yet, and you can experience this unique adventure with friends! (And let’s face it, everything is better with friends).

When is Gear 5 taking place?

You have probably come to the same conclusion as well, but Gear 5 (despite the name change) will take place after Gears of War 4, as its direct sequel. In terms of dates, we know that 4th part took place on 42 A.E, and since Gears 5 release is a direct sequel, we can safely assume that the date doesn’t change (as the battle against the Swarm is immediate). Basically, the former great war was Locust battle, and the new saga with the young generation takes place 25 years after that brutal fight for humanity.

Who are the main characters in Gears of War 5?

The narrative revolves around one person, but in the grand scheme of things, there are several main characters. In Gears of War 4, we were introduced to the three new faces: JD Fenix, Kait Diaz and Del Walker; and they are the same soldiers we will meet in Gears 5. Release is set to focus on Kait and her past, but it also links the fates of JD, who’s the son of the legendary and fan-favourite Marcus Fenix and Del, JD’s best friend and fellow teammate. Marcus himself also makes an appearance in the game, offering insights and support.

Who are the antagonists in Gears 5?

You will not be getting a singular bi-bad evil guy in this game. Instead, the game throws Swarm at you. These particular and numerous enemies evolved from Locust Horde, the former enemy that was supposed to have been eradicated 25 years ago. Gears 5 release keeps Swarm’s survivability and power in the dark, but one thing is clear – they want to see humanity destroyed. Yet, with that being said, theirs is the figure of Queen of the Swarm that should not be disregarded, as her connection to the Swarm might very well spell doom to many.