If you’re one of the video game music junkies who love to listen to the most iconic video game soundtracks – you’re in luck! Capcom has made it very easy to access and listen to a ton of its music via Spotify.

Capcom has recently created their Spotify account under the artist name ‘Capcom Sound Team‘ and released a lot of its game music… A LOT! Currently, there’s a total of 61 different albums of official soundtracks including the tracks from games like Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter. Even the lesser known games such as Breath of Fire and Ace Attorney got their soundtracks released for the very first time.

However, there are some notable exceptions from Capcom which didn’t make the list. If you’re a fan of Dead Rising, Resident Evil or Dino Crisis you’ll still have to play the game in order to listen to the soundtrack. However, we are optimistic that these will be available to stream via Spotify in the future.

One more thing that’s worth mentioning is that the majority of these video game soundtrack albums are in Japanese. This means that English speakers might have a fairly difficult time finding their preferred soundtrack. But if you love video games music as much as you love video games, it’s a worthy struggle.