For quite some time Gearbox Software was submerged by rumors about the new Borderlands game. Even before the official reveal there was quite a buzz surrounding the game. Yesterday, during a special Pax East 2019 presentation, Gearbox Software revealed Borderlands 3 with a new trailer confirming many previous leaks and offering plenty of new details about the title.

The trailer features a new set of Vault Hunters for players to choose from. However, for now, the new Vault Hunters’ abilities seem to be unknown and the trailer doesn’t really give any details. Where the information is more accurate is that Borderlands 3 will see plenty of returning characters amongst which is our favorite robot companion – Claptrap.

Borderlands 3 feature also reveals the new baddies for the game – The Calypso Twins. They are the leaders of the Children of the Vault cult which is going to oppose players in a variety of worlds. For now, it looks like Borderlands 3 will feature a whole array of both old and new locations for players to explore.

There would be no Borderlands without guns. Borderlands 3 trailer says that the game will have over one billion of those including ‘guns with legs’! Gearbox Software promised to reveal a lot more next week, on April 3rd. You can visit the official website for more information.

But that’s not all…

PAX East presentation was packed with Borderlands news. In addition to Borderlands 3, the developer revealed a couple of other cool things. Gearbox Software announced a special Ultra HD Texture Pack for the previous games of the series. Borderlands 2 PlayStation 4 VR players will receive all of the game’s DLCs, and Borderlands 1 will get a remaster next week… Wait, what?

Gearbox Software is showing some love for their first game in the series and plans to release Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on April 3rd. The remastered game will feature substantial visual upgrades and overall gameplay improvements. Furthermore, everyone who owns the original Borderlands on Steam will be able to upgrade to Game of the Year Edition for free. Here’s the trailer:

<3 Gearbox Software.