It’s so exciting to unwrap Christmas presents! Especially when you expect a brand new Call of Duty or God of War Ragnarök. But that euphoria can soon turn into disappointment as your most wanted game turns out to be just another bottle of shower gel. Knowing the pain too well, we piled a Christmas gift list that will make any gamer happy. Including you!

You can never go wrong with games

And you never will! But there are thousands, if not millions, of games to choose from, how can you pick the best one? Let us make it easier for you. Here’s a short go-to list of awesome games in the most popular genres – all you gotta do is pick one!


Do you have a friend who’s been glued to a TV screen watching every game of the World Cup? In that case, FIFA 23 is a perfect choice! If your friend loves basketball and follows the NBA, you can never go wrong with NBA 2K23. 


Let your friends go on an adventure! Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collection will let them travel around the world while seeking the legendary pirate treasure – it’s like playing an Indiana Jones movie. Does your friend like history? Let them become the God of War and delve into Norse mythology, or explore ancient civilizations in any of the Assassin’s Creed games


With superhero movies dominating the box office, how about you let your friends become one instead? Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered & Miles Morales are the best Spider-Man games on the market. Meanwhile, spending the holidays with Guardians of the Galaxy will put a smile on anyone’s face. The game is hilarious! DC fan? You can never go wrong with Batman Arkham games.

Play with your family

Unfolding stories in a single-player campaign is exciting, but sharing the joy of gaming with your loved ones is even better. And what better time to play together than Christmas? Grab It Takes Two or LEGO Star Wars – games that are fantastic for local co-op and can be played in split-screen mode even with little gamers.

For hardcore gamers

It might be hard to get a gift for gamers who played it all, but if your friend likes a challenge, you can never go wrong with a FromSoftware game. After all, Elden Ring won the Game of the Year title! Strategy and sci-fi fans will love the challenges of XCOM 2.

Game points for ONLINE gaming

Fortnite has around 3 million active players daily. Is your friend one of them? Or maybe they play Roblox, GTA V Online, or FIFA? Make their day with V-bucks, Robux, GTA Shark Cards, or FIFA Points top-up! They can spend them in the game and buy a new cosmetic item that will always remind them of you! 

Take it easy with a gift card

Ok, we get it, your friend has played it all, and you’re not sure what to get them. Well, how about a gift card? Eneba gift card is a perfect pick and will let your friend choose whatever they want from more than 10k games, gift cards, and subscriptions! You can buy any amount –  from €5 to €100 and be sure your gift will be appreciated.

Forget socks and sweaters – give your gamer friends the presents they want. Browse for thousands of cheap games, and you’ll discover a perfect present for the gamer you know.