Superheroes have dominated pop culture for nearly a century, starting out in the comic book industry and then moving to occupy every new medium that emerged throughout decades as forms of entertainment evolved. Video games are not an exception, as various developers and publishers have put in massive efforts to bring all of the most iconic caped vigilantes into the world of gaming. Naturally, some attempts reached great success, becoming examples of what the best superhero games should be while others… did not.

Apparently, building a video game around an already established intellectual property is not an easy task. Developers need to design immersive and balanced gameplay mechanics for fictional worlds and characters that weren’t originally conceived to fit the format of video games in the first place. Of course, some studios manage to pull this off regardless of titles like Spider-Man (2018) created by Insomniac Games. Unfortunately, as a PS4 exclusive, Insomniac’s Spider-Man is not available for PC players to enjoy but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any alternative options. For example, here’s our TOP 5 list of the best superhero games you one can enjoy on PC in 2020!

Marvel’s Avengers – honorary mention!

Before we start our list of currently available PC games with superheroes, we wish to take notice of one important release that is yet to launch this upcoming September. While the Avengers Initiative saga ended on the silver screens last year with the Avengers: Endgame film concluding the story that cultivated the entire Marvel’s cinematic universe, for the world of gaming everything is just beginning. On September 4th, 2020 we are bound to witness an ambitious superhero video game called Marvel’s Avengers – a title developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix.

Don’t worry if you happen to be a newcomer – Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t require players to have in-depth knowledge about the films as it explores a completely original story surrounding the iconic superhero team. Throughout the course of the campaign, players will have to reassemble disbanded Avengers and protect the world from an evil organization known as A.I.M. Third-person combat, non-linear progression, numerous customization options promise one of the best superhero games’ experiences on PC but until it’s released – we advise check out the following options.

Batman Arkham Asylum

While comic book publisher Marvel may have an upper hand when it comes to the number of superhero films produced, its competitor DC Comics makes up for it with generation-defining superhero video games like Batman Arkham Asylum (2009). Even though the game is quite old at this point, it still remains a must-own not only for Batman fans but for gamers in general, especially considering the current Batman Arkham Asylum price.

It’s interesting how the game was initially met with skepticism, as the projects based on comics usually don’t do well but Arkham Asylum exceeded the expectations of critics and rightfully earned its place among the best superhero games of all time. It’s an atmospheric third-person action game with elaborated hand to hand combat, interesting puzzles and great exploration enriched with Batman lore. The game was a massive success, and thus it produced no less ambitious sequels, all of which comprise the Batman Arkham series.

LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes 2

Next on our list is a game from the aforementioned Marvel comics. While there are many recognition-worthy superhero video games set in the Marvel universe, LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes 2 stands out among them for its incredible variety of content and replayability – features shared by most LEGO titles in general. Marvel’s rich 80-year spanning history and the creativity behind LEGO games makes LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes 2 a potent combination of two genres and one of the best superhero games available on PC.

The story of the game was written by Kurt Busiek, the mind behind the Kang Dynasty Avenger’s storyline published between 2001 and 2002. Campaign circles around a time-traveling supervillain Kang the Conqueror and his battle against the Earth’s defenders from different alternate timelines. One of the best things about LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes 2 is that it involves numerous unlockable characters from even the most remote reaches of Marvel’s multiverse. The game can serve as a great choice for those who want to kill time before the upcoming release of Marvel’s Avengers this September.

Injustice 2

As we bring our attention back to DC Comics, it becomes clear that the best superhero games for PC are not always open-world titles like previously discussed LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes 2 or games from the Batman Arkham series. There are undoubtedly great fighting games in the genre that don’t hesitate to utilize all of the superpowers heroes possess and display epic showdowns of a cataclysmic scale. Injustice 2 – a sequel to 2013 Injustice: Gods Among Us – is one such example.

It’s no wonder why the 2017 fighting game remains so popular to this day since the title was created by the NetherRealm Studios – developers behind the modern Mortal Kombat installments. Combine their talent with the DC Comics license and you get one of the best superhero games that revolve around fighting. Super Man, Super Girl, Batman, Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Joker, Flash – basically all of the other most iconic DC characters are present in the title, giving players a chance to represent their favorite DC hero or villain in flashy super-powered showdowns.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel and Capcom have also joined forces to produce their own fighting game franchise with the latest installment in the series being 2017’s Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. As the title implies, the game involves a mixed cast of characters from both the well-known comic book and video game universes. List of the best superhero games can’t do without this crossover as players rarely get a chance to see exceptional confrontations between, for instance, Avengers and the villains of Resident Evil – Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite brings it all within the realm of possibility.

Story Mode circles around the antagonist Ultron Sigma – a combination between Ultron and Sigma from Marvel and Capcom’s fictional universes respectively. Mightiest warriors from both worlds must stand against this threat and defend the existence of all organic life but the game offers plenty of opportunities to compare the strength of Marvel and Capcom heroes through combat too. Dante, Ryu, Mega Man X, Chun-Li as well as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk among many others are all featured in the game, each one having their own set of special attacks and strategic buffs gained through the power of Infinity stones.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

Best Superhero games also include anime-themed titles as well. That’s, right – not all superhero video games have to be based on American comics. Bandai Namco Entertainment and Spike Chunsoft solidify this fact with their 3D arena fighter One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. The game is based on a well-known manga and anime series which can generally be considered a parody of recurring clichés, tropes and motifs found throughout different comics and anime shows that portray superheroes.

A game surrounding a character who can defeat any enemy in a single punch may not sound exciting at first but the developers Spike Chunsoft found a way around it through the introduction of Hero Arrival mechanic – players are often forced into impossible battles where the only way to win is to survive long enough before Saitama (One Punch Man) arrives. OPM is one of the Best Superhero games in our list as it also allows the player to customize their very own anime character and climb the ranks of Hero Association.

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