Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode has been rumored for quite a while. Ever since the first announcement of the game, fans of the Battlefield series were speculating if their favorite franchize will shift its focus towards the latest trend in gaming. DICE has confirmed that the new game mode is in the works, but didn’t reveal any details about it or when it was coming. A new leak suggests that this might happen as soon as the end of this month.

A leaked video suggests that Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode will be called Firestorm and will pitch 64 players against each other in an ultimate fight for survival. Firestorm will have Solo, Duo, And Squad options similar to other battle royale games. Player’s will start their game parachuting into the map and trying to loot gear and guns which comes in three tiers: Common, Rare, and Epic.

What sets Battlefield 5 apart from the fierce competition is the Battlefield’s trademark – destructible environments. In Battlefield 5’s Firestorm, you will be able to snag a tank and destroy the building which might be looking too suspicious to explore it on foot.

The creators of the game seemingly confirmed the leak’s authenticity on Twitter by sharing a short video featuring a squad of soldiers surrounded by fire. Based on this, we might expect the official confirmation about the new Battlefield 5 game mode fairly soon.

Battlefield 5’s Firestorm will be the second battle royale attempt for EA. Just a month ago Respawn Entertainment launched a very successful Apex Legends game which might influence a faster development of Firestorm. EA already admitted that Battlefield 5 launch failed to meet the publisher’s expectations so Firestorm could be the remedy EA ordered.

Battlefield 5 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.