Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind Batman Arkham games has been teasing its next game for a while now.  Many players did expect to hear some news during E3 2018, but Rocksteady Studios skipped the show entirely. However, new intel might suggest that the new studio game might be revealed real soon.

Internet detectives found a lot of new job listings on Rocksteady Studios’ webpage. The creators of Batman Arkham games are looking for a new promo artist, senior user researcher, and a lead brand artist. Additionally, the new job descriptions indicate that company newcomers might be responsible for creating promotional material. Perhaps, for the new game by Rocksteady Studios?

Even prior to the job listings, there were plenty of rumors surrounding the Rocksteady Studios and their new game. One theory (sorry for the tin foil hat) suggested that after a successful Batman trilogy, Rocksteady is creating a new game about another famous DC Universe superhero – Superman. We don’t know about you guys, but we would be up for some super speed flying in tights.

Whatever and whenever the new game will be, we can’t be more excited. A year ago Rocksteady Studios teased on it by saying that fans will ‘lose their minds’ over it. Let’s hope we won’t lose it due to speculations and overwhelming excitement before the official reveal of the new game.