Activision, the studio behind the famous FPS series Call of Duty, launches an in-house studio for creating its own mobile games. The studio is called Activision Mobile, and their first release is rumoured to be a mobile version of the Warzone game and it’s expected to be available as a closed beta either late this year or early next year.

The rumour about the mobile Warzone game is based on the job listings from Activision back in September 2020, and currently, the studio is looking for more professionals to join them in Santa Monica, California, to work on mobile AAA games. What we know for certain is that the first mobile title released by the studio is going to be a Call of Duty series game.

Of course, Activision already released a mobile version game of the Call of Duty series, so why establish a new in-house studio specifically for mobile games? The reason lies in the fact that the already existing mobile game is developed by Tencent’s Timi Studios and Activision is bound to share a partnership with this studio. It seems that Activision wants to have complete ownership over its future mobile games, and the launch of an in-house studio enables exactly that.

We hope that the future mobile CoD games developed by the new Activision Mobile studio are going to rock and provide us with a grand experience on smart devices. 

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