Blink, and you might miss it! Such is the dizzying pace of today’s gaming landscape. From immersive open-world RPGs to high-octane sports simulations, there’s never been a better time to pick up your preferred controller and explore the countless digital realms. And today, we’re turning the spotlight onto five new and upcoming releases defining, disrupting, and downright dominating the industry. But before we get into it, here’s a little secret: you can snatch all these beauties cheaper at Ready to feast on the best games? 


There’s a certain magic about gazing up at a star-speckled sky in real life, and Bethesda Game Studios has managed to capture that sense of wonder with its hotly anticipated release – Starfield. This single-player space RPG represents Bethesda’s first new franchise in over two decades, so expectations were high.

But Starfield doesn’t just meet these expectations – it effortlessly exceeds them. This is no mere game; it’s an interstellar odyssey. Journey across the cosmos, land on alien planets, and make decisions that ripple across the universe. With a nuanced narrative, groundbreaking graphics, and countless unique worlds to discover, Starfield offers an unparalleled journey into the final frontier.

EA Sports FC

Up next, get your game face on for EA Sports FC. This football sim cranks the realism up to 11, with a control system that rewards those with mad skills. Scoring goals in this game feels like you’ve just won the World Cup.

But the realism doesn’t end with the gameplay. EA Sports FC is rocking next-level AI that adapts to your style, plus player models, crowds, and stadiums so lifelike you’ll smell the fresh-cut grass. This ain’t just a sports game – it’s the beautiful game made even more gorgeous.

Mortal Kombat 1

All right, fighter geeks, brace yourselves as the legendary Mortal Kombat 1 comes roaring back into the spotlight, reborn and reloaded. This isn’t just another round in the ring – we’re talking a blood-pumping, spine-cracking showdown that hooks you in from the first punch to the last Fatality.

Pit yourself against a roster of legendary fighters in the quest for ultimate supremacy. The captivating narrative, eye-popping visuals, and heart-thumping gameplay make Mortal Kombat 1 an experience that will keep fighting till the last drop of blood.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Despite the hiccups with the original Cyberpunk 2077, the Phantom Liberty expansion is here to set things straight. CD Projekt Red has cranked out a narrative that dances between edge-of-your-seat action and deep-dive character development.

Night City’s got a whole new vibe in this expansion, denser and more dynamic than ever. With a bunch of new faces, missions, and cybernetic upgrades, Phantom Liberty takes Cyberpunk 2077 from zero to hero. If you’re an action RPG nut, you gotta give this a spin.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Last but not least, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is here to crank up the heat on the mech combat series. Piloting your customized mech has never been more badass.

FromSoftware’s latest installment paints a vivid picture of a post-apocalyptic future where pilots are warriors, survivors, scavengers, and strategists. With a mix of strategic combat, narrative layers, and explorative excitement, Fires of Rubicon is the perfect game for any adrenaline junkie out there. Strap in, lock and load – it’s gonna be a wild ride!

And here they are – five recent releases that should be on any gamer’s radar. Whether you’re jetting off to new galaxies in Starfield, scoring match-winning goals in EA Sports FC, wiping the floor with your friends in Mortal Kombat 1, exploring the expanded Night City in Cyberpunk’s expansion, or navigating the fires of war in Armored Core 6 – these five recent releases have taken over the gaming scene. So take your pick, grab it cheaper at Eneba, and dig in!