Probably the best thing about open-world games is complete freedom. The bigger the open world is, the more freedom you have. Some open-world games, like Metal Gear Solid V, allow players to approach the objective however they want. That is exactly what most players crave.

We’ve already talked about some of the best open-world games here and now we’re looking at some of the biggest open-world games based on their map size.

If adventure is what you seek, these open-world games will provide you with countless hours of thrilling exploration.

Just Cause 4

With every game, Avalanche Studios are trying to outdo themselves by making every Just Cause map bigger and bigger. And why not? The game has plenty of vehicles, from various cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, and even jets. If you’re into exploding stuff and having some mindless fun, Just Cause 4 is a perfect fit. Just watch out for a tornado.

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The Crew 2

To feel the scale and the sense of speed, racing games need to go big. That is exactly what the developers of the Crew 2 decided to achieve. The game is a scaled-down version of the United States where driving from one coast to another will take you 40 to 60 minutes in real-time. That’s one hell of a huge open-world map! But don’t panic yet, you can get from LA to New York with various types of land, air, and water type vehicles.

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Final Fantasy XV

Looking back today, prior Final Fantasy games may not have felt like they had huge open world maps due to technical limitations, but since the very first installment, Final Fantasy has always been an open-world series. The 15th game has broken away from the classic JRPG formula and adopted more of a hack n’ slash action gameplay which required a huge sandbox to play in. Even today, the world of Final Fantasy XV looks gorgeous.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Though racing games can be contained in a closed environment, flying sims can’t and won’t. Microsoft decided to go big or go home, and big they went. Microsoft Flight Simulator’s open-world map is, well, the entire globe. Jump on a plane and fly to any real city you want. Moreover, the game can simulate the weather fitting the particular region.

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No Man’s Sky

Can we go bigger? Oh yes, we can, and Hello Games did. Why limit yourself to one galaxy, when you can have 255? All are procedurally generated and unique, making No Man’s Sky a game with one of the biggest open-world maps to date. The game’s algorithm generates random planets, their flora, and fauna out of millions of in-game assets. For players craving to explore the unknown, No Man’s Sky will satisfy the itch.

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Bonus: Red Dead Redemption 2

The open-world map of RDR 2 may not be the biggest on the list, but it sure is one of the best. The attention to detail makes the world come alive with its unique ecosystems, NPC behavior, never-ending random events, and new secrets to be discovered. Rockstar sure knows how to make empty prairies feel crowded and lively.

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