That’s right, Roberts Space Industries has just declared reaching a milestone exceeding a total of $250 million (to be more precise, the company’s official funding page currently reads $251,243,881). 2.449.217 players – Star Citizens – made the record happen. The project began the year with $213,4 million in its pocket and throughout 2019 has managed to collect $37 additional millions – November being the biggest month for the build-up with over nine million dollars added.

You should also note that the space odyssey MMO game Star Citizen is still in its early development phase with Alpha 3.8 version coming pretty soon. So far, the game has received a bunch of amazing updates, features, models and more – one of the most awaited modes is the 40-player collision called the Theaters of War. It’ll reach players in early 2020. If you want to know more about Theaters of War – we’ve got a full article covering it.

On other news, the latest Free Fly event is on, and up until and through December 5, Star Citizens will be able to fly any of more than 100 in-game ships! So, in case you’re still considering whether the game’s worth it – consider no more! It’s growing and ever-expanding and you can be a part of it. Additionally, you can test out the ship you might want once you join the battle!

The most successful crowdfunding project (of any kind!) has begun back in 2012, during that time, the game’s initial target was to collect $500,000. So, the staggering $250 mill benchmark stands as a solid proof about the game’s quality, goals, and impressiveness. While we can’t offer you the title on our shop, we have quite a few Steam Gift Cards on sale – so, you can grab one, and get the title cheaper!