Mass Effect Legendary Edition XBOX LIVE Key ARGENTINA

Mass Effect Legendary Edition XBOX LIVE Key ARGENTINA

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    The greatest sci-fi trilogy ever, remastered for the new generation. Everybody should play this game at least once in their life. Highly recommended.
    italyAwesome 6/15/2021
    Auto-translatedDevastating trilogy. The remastering work is great. The story is epic and never boring. A game recommended for everyone,
    The definitive experience to play Mass Effect. The game itself probably changed my life forever, great character, story, gameplay and soundtrack.

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Product description

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Legendary Edition includes:

  • • All three Mass Effect games;
  • • Over 40 single-player story DLCs;
  • • Promotional weapons, armors and packs;
  • • 4K Ultra HD graphics.

The pulse-pounding sci-fi trilogy that defined the RPG genre is gracing the screens once again, all in glorious 4K Ultra HD graphics. Walk in the shoes of the legendary Commander Shepard, the only man in the whole universe capable enough to save humanity from complete annihilation. A child of labour of the world-famous BioWare and Electronic Arts studios, the critically-acclaimed Mass Effect Legendary Edition game includes some of the finest aspects of RPGs - a rich universe, brimming with lore just waiting to be discovered, a big cast of well-written characters with unique histories, morals & motivations, freedom to customize your gameplay, and a masterfully-crafted narrative that shifts according to your decisions. Thanks to rapid scientific advancement, we have charted the galaxies and found many great allies in various alien civilizations, but a threat unlike any other looms on the horizon for us all. Buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox key and craft your own unique story!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition features

This cinematic saga is ready to impress hardcore fans of the franchise and newcomers alike. Dive into the expansive world of Mass Effect and experience gameplay that made RPGs extremely popular!

  • Convenience. This title includes all the single-player content of the three games, available to play on hand via a single launcher;
  • Remastered for next-gen. From HDR, enhanced performance and visuals to improved models, lighting, depth of field, FX and other adjustments, this game is a visual delight you just can’t miss out on;
  • Quality of life improvements. Fighting for the survival of humanity is made even more smooth with improved weapon balance, aiming, SFX, squad behaviour, controls and even gameplay cameras;
  • The legend of Shepard. You are free to create the Commander you want, now with improved customization options in the character creator, unified across all three games;
  • Your decisions matter. Every choice you make affects not only the outcomes of missions, relationships, your reputation, but what happens in the sequels as well;
  • • Cheap Mass Effect Legendary Edition price.

A trilogy that defined a genre

It all starts with a single man - the elite agent Commander Shepard. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition key begins with the first game where our protagonist, aided by his ever-increasing crew, is chasing a rogue Spectre who is leading an army of sentient machines in hopes of conquering the galaxy. While you’re traveling across the Milky Way, deepening the relationships with your companions and deciding how the story unfolds next, you soon discover that the sentient machines are but a ploy, under which an even bigger threat lurks. Every 50 thousand years, an artificial lifeform called Reapers eliminates every higher form of life - and they’re scouring the galaxy sooner than expected. Buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox key, unravel the secrets of the Illusive Man and put an end to the cycle of destruction!

Other details

  • Languages
    • English
  • Release date
    May 14, 2021
  • Publisher
    Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Developers