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        Are you tired of cooking the same meals a day in and day out? Looking to experience the world through delicious meals? Embark on a journey of flavors with Just Eat! Browse a variety of menus and explore new flavors without leaving your home. Whether you're craving Italian pasta, Indian curry, or Chinese dumplings, with Just Eat, you can savor it all! With a wide selection of restaurants offering cuisines from all over the globe, Just Eat makes it easy to explore new culinary horizons and expand your palate. Buy Just Eat gift card and pay less for all the delicious meals you're about to eat! Embark on a culinary journey cheaper with a Just Eat voucher. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty pizza, sizzling stir-fry, or sweet treats, Just Eat will make your taste buds dance! And with an easy-to-use platform and reliable delivery service, you can sit back, relax, and taste the world, one dish at a time!

        What can I use the Just Eat gift card for?

        Take a look at these features of Just Eat that will please your hunger:

        • Your favorite takeaway. Both big restaurants and local ones offer food for your everyday needs;
        • Easy ordering & real-time tracking. Know when your order is ready and track it until it arrives at your doorstep;
        • Customize your orders. If the restaurant hasn’t yet confirmed your order, you can add or remove items to your order;
        • Pickup & group order options. Be the first to get your food – order in advance and pick up your order when ready. It’s a perfect way to plan your meals, as well as group many orders for a business dinner;
        • Special occasions. Birthdays, holidays, and special celebrations – Just Eat will bring food for any occasion;
        • Gift cards for business. With Just Eat, make your team happy with rewards, virtual events for remote workers, and your clients.

        How to use the Just Eat gift card?

        Treat yourself to your favorite cuisines from top-rated restaurants across the city with the Just Eat card. Adding the card to your Just Eat account balance makes it easy and hassle-free to order delicious meals. After logging in to your account, you can browse the vast selection of restaurants in your area and filter your search by cuisine, price, and rating. Once you've decided on the restaurant and dishes you want, add them to your basket and proceed to payment. At this point, you can add your Just Eat gift card to your account balance, or do it before you even start choosing your meal. Not only is the Just Eat voucher a convenient way to indulge in your favorite foods, but it also offers great value. With the gift card, you can save money on your food orders while still enjoying delicious meals from thousands of restaurants across the city. From pizza and sushi to burgers and curry, Just Eat has something for everyone. Buy a Just Eat gift card and savor mouth-watering dishes today!

        How long does it take to receive the Just Eat gift card after I bought it?

        Feeling hungry? Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Once you buy a Just Eat card, it will be delivered to your email in seconds! You can also see your card code in your account and redeem your card even faster. Start planning your meal and quench your cravings with the Just Eat card cheaper! So, what’s for dinner?

        How to redeem a Just Eat gift card?

        Activating and paying with a Just Eat card is simple and convenient:

        • Create an account or sign in to the Just Eat app;
        • Go to Account and Redeem gift card;
        • Enter the PIN of your gift card.