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    Auto-översattUtan tvekan är The Surge 2 bättre än den första. Det förbättrar allt som misslyckades eller behövdes för att förbättra sin föregångare. Grafiken är mycket bra,


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The Surge 2 Steam key

Developed by Deck12 and published by Focus Home Interactive The Surge 2 key brings soul-like action RPG to test your very limits. The sequel to the series is going to be even more challenging, thrilling, and demanding. Survival will be your daily concern as the Jericho City, a place you are unlikely to call Home will spawn challenge upon a challenge to bring you down on your knees. Can you withstand the awaiting trials? Can you grow stronger? Can you upgrade?

Nightmarish Foes

You’ll find yourself in the dystopian sci-fi Jericho City, a setting filled with mechanical nightmares that are out for blood. A robotic virus has turned every tech-creation to go rampant and your right amid it all. Buy The Surge 2 key and fight against these creations to secure your spot under the sky, try to survive at any cost, and become stronger with each hard-earned victory.

Flying Limbs

To survive in this gruesome setting, you’ll be using weapons that vary from light to medium and even heavy. You’ll also have to learn the weaknesses of your enemies and target them for the maximum possible gain. Rip off the parts of your enemies and send them flying, even the most fearsome bosses are not safe from the upcoming thunderstorm that you are dedicated to bringing.

Plethora of Secrets

Buy The Surge 2 key and explore the falling Metropolis. The game’s designed with exploration at the forefront and as such, multiple areas are split off into numerous directions for you to venture off and discover the unknown. The game has as many secrets as there are goals to pursue, so don’t shy away from occasionally running off a script, you might come across something you didn’t even think existed.

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  • Utgivningsdatum
    24 september 2019
  • Utgivare
    Focus Home Interactive
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