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Maneater Epic Games Key GLOBAL

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    Auto-översattSuper trevligt spel om du gillar den typen av, tyst och lugnt spel, inte den största utmaningen att lära sig mekanik etc, men prova det,
    Auto-översattUnderhållande från början till slut. Det är ett spel som tjänar sitt syfte. Det är inte ett spel som sticker ut för sin historia men det är alltid
    Auto-översattFantastisk tid, men varar bara över en helg och hoppas snart se en DLC. Fantastiskt röstspel och karaktärer, fantastisk stressavlastare!
    Auto-översattRoliga saker! Jag menar, hur kan du gå för hemskt fel när du är en haj som går runt och orsakar kaos och förstörelse och äter människor?

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What is Maneater?

Maneater release date of May 22nd, 2020 marks the arrival of a game that’s truly one of a kind. Developers Blindside Interactive and publishers Tripwire Interactive (the latter of which also published Killing Floor 2) accurately describe their Maneater game as „GTA if you were a shark“. Buy Maneater Epic Games key to try out an open-world RPG where you embody a ruthless man-eating shark, very similar to Jaws from the famous Steven Spielberg 1975 horror film of the same name. Shark hunter Scaly Pete killed your family and now you’re out for revenge – grow, fight rival predators, cause carnage, and become an absolute freak of nature!

Maneater gameplay

Maneater video game has you controlling a shark and presents the action from the third-person point of view. Don’t expect an overly realistic shark simulator as the Maneater game is absolutely ridiculous – in the best possible way. You will attack people and destroy boats while swimming at incredible speeds or making high jumps that will allow you to perform flashy mid-air kills with backflips. Buy Maneater Epic Games key to enjoy a game that doesn’t shy away from violence and brutality. You are, after all, a man-killing monster and your victims won’t be able to evade you – not even on land!

Apex predators

By traveling through 7 open-world zones featured in the Maneater video game, you’ll get to visit locations such as swamps, city docks, polluted bays, and tourist-filled beaches. However, you are not the only hotshot in town. Aside from human shark hunters, each zone harbors its own unique apex predator or a level boss. Buy Maneater Epic Games key to rise in the food chain by defeating bloodthirsty alligators, killer whales, giant squids, and even other sharks! The dark abyss is home to many aquatic demons but even they can’t compare to what you can become.

Shark customization

While the ocean of the Maneater game hides many dangers, exploration can pay off with rewards and possibilities of growth. Sweep through the ocean floor, discover sunken ships, treasure chests, gain experience and carry your shark through four stages of development: Baby, Adult, Senior, and Mega. With each stage of your life, you will be able to unlock more body parts and have your shark evolve into something resembling Megalodons – its deadly prehistoric ancestors. Buy Maneater Epic Games key and create a killing machine covered with bone armor, scars, upgraded razor-sharp teeth, and become a force to be reckoned with!

Andra detaljer

  • Språk
    • English
  • Utgivningsdatum
    22 maj 2020
  • Utgivare
    Tripwire Interactive
  • Utvecklare
    Tripwire Interactive
  • Fungerar på