Can I pre-order a game? How does it work?

Pre-orders in Eneba work a bit differently from activation platforms like Steam or PSN. In Eneba, the products you buy, first have to be made available to the sellers, which in turn will make them available to everyone in our market. It will be very rare for you to pre-order a game and get the key before the actual release date. Both our sellers and us understand that the whole point of pre-ordering a product is to get it as quickly as you can. You can be sure that we'll do our best to make your product key available as soon as possible!

Note: pre-order bonuses are tied to the platform you're using to pre-order your game. To know what pre-order bonuses you're getting with our product, please take a look at the product page. If it's not mentioned there, it will not be included with your key.

If you wish to cancel your pre-order, please read our refund guide for digital products.

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