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Total War: Pharaoh Standard Edition (PC) Steam Key EMEA

Total War: Pharaoh Standard Edition (PC) Steam Key EMEA

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    Product description

    Total War: Pharaoh Standard Edition

    Total War: PHARAOH Steam key, the newest entry in the award-winning grand strategy series, transports you to the captivating world of ancient Egypt at the height of its power. From the bustling cities along the Nile River to the sprawling desert landscapes, the game offers a visually stunning and historically rich environment to explore. As the fate of Egypt hangs in the balance, you must navigate through treacherous political intrigues, lead your armies to victory in epic real-time battles, and skillfully manage your empire in turn-based gameplay. Will you have what it takes to rise as Egypt's last great Pharaoh and confront the imminent collapse of this iconic civilization? The weight of history rests on your shoulders as you embark on this extraordinary journey. Rise to power in Total War: PHARAOH Steam key!

    Total War: PHARAOH game features

    This is how you’ll unleash the power of an ancient empire in Total War: PHARAOH, as you navigate treacherous politics, engage in epic battles, and shape the destiny of Egypt amidst the impending collapse of an iconic civilization:

    • Dynamic Battles. Witness sudden and dramatic shifts in weather, including torrential rain, sandstorms, and fire that engulfs the battlefield, impacting the terrain and adding a new layer of strategic depth to your battles;
    • Choose Your Leader. Prove your legitimacy as Pharaoh or Great King of the Hittites with a choice of eight Faction Leaders, each offering unique playstyles and diverse unit rosters. Become a peerless diplomat, an unwavering commander, or a fearless warlord as you shape the destiny of your empire;
    • Unearth Ancient Egypt. Immerse yourself in a beautifully lush and vibrant recreation of ancient Egypt, spanning from the fertile banks of the river Nile to the arid deserts of the Sinai Peninsula and the mountainous crags of ancient Anatolia. Experience the visual reimagining of Egypt's most powerful era, capturing its beauty and brutality;
    • Customize Your Campaign. Take control of your campaign with the brand-new Campaign Customization feature. Tailor your experience with options like random starting positions for all factions, detailed resource settings, the ability to toy with natural disasters, and more. Shape the odds and create a unique challenge or pave your way to victory as an unmatched power;
    • • Cheap Total War: PHARAOH price.

    Rise to Power

    As the reign of the great Pharaoh Merneptah nears its end, the land of Egypt finds itself in a state of turmoil and uncertainty. The people yearn for a new leader who can guide them through the challenges of a changing world. In Total War: PHARAOH, you will step into the shoes of a visionary ruler tasked with uniting a fractured society and preserving the glory of ancient Egypt amidst the impending collapse of the Bronze Age. Prepare to be immersed in a breathtakingly vibrant recreation of this tumultuous era, where societal disarray, natural disasters, and waves of invaders threaten the very fabric of Egyptian civilization. The path to becoming Pharaoh is treacherous, demanding astute political maneuvering, strategic warfare, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of empire management. Only a true leader, with unwavering resolve and a keen sense of justice, can guide Egypt through these turbulent times. Will you rise to the occasion and shape the destiny of a nation on the brink of collapse? The future of Egypt rests in your hands in Total War: PHARAOH Steam key!

    System requirements

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    • Memory
    • Graphics
    • DirectX
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    Other details

    • Languages
      • English
      • German
    • Release date
      October 11, 2023
    • Publisher
    • Developers
      Creative Assembly