Company of Heroes 3 (PC) Steam Key EUROPE

Company of Heroes 3 (PC) Steam Key EUROPE

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Reviews: 5

Review now
    Auto-translatedThe game is quite addictive, especially when playing the Italian campaign. The graphics are fine and the detail of the models is very good.
    Company of Heroes 3 is a great game. It's performance is pretty solid so far. The graphics are a little different in comparison to the older Company of Heroes games (CoH1,
    Auto-translatedGame very similar to the last version COH 2, gameplay identical to the other versions, the graphics also maintain, soundtrack is very good,
    Auto-translatedA great game that if you have played the previous ones you will like, it is more of the same but with different settings and the story is not so linear.
    polandSanders 3/23/2023
    Auto-translatedGreat game, but not much content compared to Company of Heroes 2. Nice idea for an Italian campaign. The downside is certainly a modest amount of mums

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Product description

Company of Heroes 3 (PC) Steam Key

Buckle up for a grand experience with one of the more well-regarded games in the gaming industry – Company of Heroes 3 key on Steam. Teams of developers from Relic Entertainment and publishers of SEGA released their final result and launched a great strategy game that exceeds expectations. Presenting a mixture of classical and ingenious gameplay features, the game is ready to challenge your skills in every way possible. Buy Company of Heroes 3 Steam key, save your funds with a cheaper price, and enrich your days with an engrossing premise and gameplay!

Strategy genre

Company of Heroes 3 Steam key is for those who enjoy connecting the dots and looking at the bigger picture. Even if they’re not yet the best player and they want to develop these skills, strategy games are a great way to do that. This particular game will encourage one to think about how each decision will affect the outcome. The player can’t just think a few steps ahead; the player must think through all the steps ahead to succeed. Embark on this challenge and unravel your fullest potential!

Company of Heroes 3 features

Get ready for these game elements that will enrich your experience:

  • Tactical gameplay. This is the ultimate tactical game! Well-known battle mechanics merges with new, authentic features, so all in all it’s the deepest tactical experience on the market;
  • New locales. Welcome to new locations, that offer breathtaking war theatre, full of mountains, amazing vistas, and deserts;
  • New strategies. Get ready for the biggest single-player campaign in the history of the series. The dynamic map offers endless possibilities;
  • Cinematic action. Feel every explosion together with Relic’s Essence Engine. Every object in the game is fully destructible, so you will be able to do anything;
  • • Cheap Company of Heroes 3 (PC) price.

What more can you expect?

The legendary strategy series comes back. COH 3 offers the biggest experience of action, tactics, and strategy. Jump right to real-time battles, become a general and decide the fate of war because here every decision is important. Company of Heroes 3 (PC) Steam key also offers 4 unique fractions, that will help to defeat enemies in the dynamic map of the campaign. There won’t be two similar replays of the game, because every time something unique will happen. Play alone campaign and skirmish modes, and then jump into Multiplayer matches. If you are interested in war, you will be pleased by deepening your knowledge of war history and also experience fully destructible environments, thanks to Essence Engine.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • 64bit support
  • System requirements
    Windows 10
  • Processor
    Intel i5 6th-gen or AMD Ryzen desktop processor with 4 cores @3GHz, or equivalent performance
  • Memory
    8 GB RAM
  • Graphics
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950, AMD Radeon R9 370, or equivalent performance
  • Storage
    40 GB

Other details

  • Languages
    • Czech
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Spanish - Spain
  • Release date
    February 23, 2023
  • Publisher
  • Developers
    Relic Entertainment
  • Works on