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Fortnite - Frozen Legends Pack (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key ARGENTINA

Fortnite - Frozen Legends Pack (DLC) XBOX LIVE Key ARGENTINA

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  • Xbox Series X
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  • No expiration date. The product works ONLY in countries that have XBOX LIVE service available: . Make sure that your account and IP is LOCATED in one of the supported countries!

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    Fortnite - Frozen Legends Pack (DLC) (Xbox One)

    Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack (Xbox One) contains six items in total:

    • Frozen Love Ranger Outfit along with the Frozen Love Wings Back Bling;
    • Frozen Raven Outfit along with the Frozen Iron Cage Back Bling;
    • Frozen Red Knight Outfit along with the Frozen Red Shield Back Bling.

    Keep a cool head on the Battle Royale island with the Frozen Legends bundle! This set of cosmetic Fortnite items is a great alternative choice to another ice-themed Fortnite DLC known as the Polar Legends Pack (also featured on Eneba). Add three stylish skins to your in-game locker: the Frozen Love Ranger skin is another variation of the regular Love Ranger (just like the Fallen Love Ranger outfit). Together with it Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack (Xbox One) also includes the feminine Frozen Red Knight and the Grim Reaper look-alike Frozen Raven.

    Make your enemies freeze in fear!

    The Fortnite DLC bundle is a great choice when you are just starting out on the game and have nothing in your locker. If you happen to be new player, then prepare yourself for one of the most engaging Battle Royale experiences! Created by Epic Games, Fortnite is not only a game but a cultural phenomenon that made its debut in 2017. It’s a unique mixture of smooth third-person shooter combat, resource management, original building mechanics, addictive progression system, and charming cartoony graphics that emphasize the cool look of Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack skins. Load your locker with new items and make your enemies freeze in fear at your sight!

    Six rare Frozen series items in total!

    Frozen Love Ranger skin, Frozen Raven skin, and the Frozen Red Knight skin along with their respective backblings are great additions to a Fortnite locker that will surely spice up the variety of available cosmetic options. Like the Polar Legends Outfits, all of these items belong to the Frozen series of rare Fortnite skins. It is true that the Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack has made occasional returns to the Fortnite Item Shop in the past, however, there can never be a promise it will do so again. Buy Fortnite Frozen Legends Bundle now and you can be assured that you’ll own all six of the rare Frozen series items regardless of whether they show up on the Item Shop or not. Don’t miss this chance!

    Finally, after purchasing the Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack be sure to visit our Fortnite Skins collection to discover exclusive Fortnite content for a good price!

    Другие детали

    PEGI 12
    • Языки
      • Английский
    • Дата выпуска
      16 ноября 2018 г.
    • Издатель
      Epic Games
    • Разработчики
      Epic Games Inc.