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    Descrierea produsului

    Monster Truck Championship

    Developed by Teyon and published by Nacon, Monster Truck Championship delivers an electrifying driving simulator experience where you get a hold of monstrous trucks! Car crushing and freestyling in various different events and tracks with big wheelies astonishing in their size and customizations is what this game is all about. Buy Monster Truck Championship Xbox key to grab the wheels of these gigantic vehicles and unleash the full force of destruction - each track is your playground and other cars are your toys for squashing! Can you keep up?

    Hop in and have a blast!

    Hop in for some challenging drag races and freestyle competitions where you can utilize the full potential of your monstrous truck! Compete with others in various tracks from Las Vegas to Orlando, but be careful for the drivers are controlled by the clever in-game AI. It’s not your simple everyday racing - here you have to crash other cars in your way to get ahead and at the same time evade all the competitors trying to crush you too! Buy Monster Truck Championship Xbox key to experience the adrenaline rush exploding in your veins as your four-wheeled monster runs over your opponents like LEGO toys!

    The timing is everything

    One of the peculiar things about this racing simulator is that speed is not the most important aspect of successful racing. What you must master to achieve victory in all races and events is the right execution of controls at all times, because otherwise you will be drifting and crushing on your own. Monster Truck Championship key is all about achieving the intuitive knowledge regarding your vehicle - independent front and rear wheel management, mass transfer anticipation in bends, and predicting bounces after jumps. Although the simulator offers frenzied racing experience, the controls demand seriousness and dedication for them to be mastered - perfect for gamers seeking challenge and fun!

    Major gameplay features

    Monster Truck Championship game revolves around some serious crushing business but don’t be mistaken - huge vehicles with monstrous wheels designed to destroy is not the only asset of this title. Experience smooth and engaging gameplay by making the best of advanced game features!

    • Astonishing visualizations. Witness the stunning visual graphics of high resolution as your vehicle crashes, drives over or flies off the track;
    • Smooth game controls. The execution of game controls is smooth, creating an amazing experience since the title requires mastering a good control over your vehicle;
    • Multiplayer mode. Compete with up to 7 players online to show off your skills and monstrous trucks;
    • Customization options. Customize and upgrade your vehicles to develop your unique style and become the ultimate crusher;
    • • Cheap Monster Truck Championship price.

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    PEGI 3
    • Limbi
      • Engleză
    • Data lansării
      20 octombrie 2020
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