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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an atmospheric mystery detective game developed by The Astronauts. This is not your regular game with blood and gore painting your monitor screen red, you won’t find any combat or explosions in it, but it’s not needed at all, as this game contains layers upon layers of psychological horror.

Play as Paul Prospero, an occult-minded detective, who must now find and save the missing boy, Ethan Carter. You are able to communicate with the dead, and atop the mountain of corpses you’ll find a mystery far greater than one could have ever anticipated.

Detaliile jocului

  • Evaluat 18+ (Matur)Evaluat 18+ (Matur)
  • Un singur jucătorUn singur jucător
  • Prima persoanăPrima persoană


Funcționează pe:


  • Cehă
  • Engleză
  • Franceză
  • Germană
  • Italiană
  • Poloneză
  • Spaniolă, Castiliană

Data de lansare:

25 septembrie 2014


The Astronauts


Nordic Games Publishing

Cerințe de sistem:

Cerințe Minime de Sistem

  • Cerințe de sistem: WindowsXP SP3
  • Procesor: Intel Core2 Duo / equivalent AMD
  • Memorie: 4 GB RAM
  • Grafica: 512MB of VRAM
  • Depozitare: 9 GB